I think it's safe to say most everyone is going to have their fair share of turkey and ham, along with all the trimmings in the next week before Thanksgiving. So the question is what do you eat in the coming days. If you're like me the three words that you make you salivate like no tomorrow is up on a few signs around town, "McRib is Back"

There is fierce debate over whether you love it or not, but I am a long time fan of this amazing rib on a bun. It is something that I've tried duplicating with rib meat from stores, but nothing seems to get near the sauce and onions, along with the pickle.

Some local McDonald's put it on their menu at different times, so it may not be everywhere, but I've known people to drive a half an hour to an hour just to have the taste.

Unlike any of the fast food places, it seems to be the best marketed seasonal item on a menu, but that's just my opinion.

I have long kept a shirt from the McRib Farewell that never came to be and the I love Boneless Pigs hat from a few years back, but when did this madness start. Let's go back into time to 1981, with this classic video.



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