I've been doing this gig for a hot minute now, so I think I know you guys pretty well. Or, at least I live under the delusion that I do. I'll just go with that.  So over the years, I've been to several events, remote broadcasts, State Fairs, etc.  And we've had a LOT of different stuff to give away to you over the years.

Hats, wrestling tickets, shirts, footballs, frisbees, ping pong balls, mini radios, backpacks, hamburgers, concert tickets, CDs, remote controlled cars*, books, teddy bears, water park tickets, sweat bands, carnival wristbands/passes, bandannas, soda, racing tickets, coupons, water bottles, sunglasses, pens and pencils, football tickets, bratwursts, magnets, hand sanitizer**, lanyards, umbrellas, fishing rod oil***, glass cleaner, cookies, maps, plants, masks, stickers, plushies, vizors, piggy banks, sunscreen, towels, cups, gift cards, mp3 players, baseball tickets, slices of watermelon****, fans, rulers, an actual ream of paper*****, you name it - I've probably given it away at some point.

And most people are really appreciative.  They came to this event and they're walking away a little bit richer, at least in spirit.  Probably a good 85% of people are really grateful and thankful.  But.. you know who you are.  There are some of you that just don't want whatever prize I've got at the time, and that's fine.  Some people just say, "No, thanks anyway" and continue on.  But... there are some of you that are trying to work the angle.  You'll come by, I'll hand you whatever prize I have that day, and you'll reply with... "Really? Can't you give me **Blank** instead?"

You don't have to take the prize, you know.  You can be like that other person who just said no thanks.  But there are some of you who get disappointed, and always want something else instead. If I give you a shirt, you want a hat.  If I give you a towel, you want a frizbee.  If I give you concert tickets, you want tickets to a different show.

So, I'll just come out with it - I don't decide what prizes we give away.  That's out of my hands.  But, I can take some suggestions from you and pass them on to the people who DO make those decisions.  What do you want as a prize?  When you play a game or come to one of our remotes or an event, what would be the best prize you could walk away with? Is there more than one kind of prize?

Tell me all about it and maybe you'll see some of them at our next outing!

Prizingly yours,


















*Yes, really.


***More than once.

****They were gone in like, five minutes, but yes.

*****That was a little weird, I'll give you that. But the winner loved it.

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