Any of you who have checked out my profile, or seen me around town, will know that I am bald.  If I am being technical, I shave my head bald, and have been doing so for 18 years.  Life as a bald man has been interesting, and it has it's ups and downs.  So I thought I would share a bit of what it is like living with no hair on my head.

To begin, most of the men in my family, at least on my fathers side, have lost their hair pretty young in life.  Many of us get the "Larry David" hairline.  And none of us have very thick hair.  I was no different.

So 18 years ago, after doing a play where some of my hair was removed, I had a choice.  Keep the "Larry David" look, or shave the whole thing.  I went for the latter.  I made the right choice.

Now it has not been all smooth sailing.  There are a lot of issues with being bald.  So let me share the bad first.  Then the good.

I have to wear hats a lot more.  My head gets cold much faster, especially in the winter.  Now I don't lose heat through my head but I do feel like I do.  And in the warmer months, you DO NOT want to get sunburn on your head.  The peeling is awful.   For some, your self esteem takes a hit.  And as an actor, I sometimes are not selected for parts because of the lack of hair.  If I cut myself shaving, it is not cool to show up with toilet paper or a band-air on your head.

Now the good.  I save money on haircuts, (actually it is a wash with the cost of razors) and shampoo. I can pass for a younger age.  Cooler in the summer (but don't forget the sunscreen) Bald men are perceived as better leaders apparently.  Facial hair looks good on me. And some women like the smooth head.

So for all the guys out there who may be losing their hair, embrace it! It isn't the end of the world, and it can be used to your advantage.  Trust me, skull caps can be your friend.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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