At some point I just had to face it: I'm 43.  Middle aged.  That brings certain things into reality.  First, there is the slower metabolism.  More exercise is required if one doesn't want to wind up with "dunlapped" disease.  Then there is nature's cruel joke with a man's hair.  At first, a his hair starts thinning.  Then it becomes a bald spot.  Then hair starts growing out of inappropriate places like his ears.  Men worry about going bald.  There is a multi-million dollar industry with products designed to combat "male pattern baldness." But relax gentleman!  There's still hope!

I read about a survey on that said 40% of women get turned off by a man using too much hair gel and 38% said baldness turns them off.  NO women said that men with gray hair were a turn off.

There is one catch: the survey took place in Ireland.  Does it hold true here in the USA?  Let's find out.