Meet Jack Sparrow. Jack is a friendly 8+ poodle that's been at the Marshall Animal Shelter since he arrived as a stray with a matted fur coat mid September. Jack is a senior dog looking for a very special family to give him his furever home.

I can tell you from experience don't count out adopting a senior dog. Elphie, our first, was a great lab/greyhound mix that was just perfect for our first dog. She was polite, sweet, knew some commands and was potty trained. Our second, Georgia, picked us at the shelter and never looked back. Both were fantastic pets and we'd do it again. Of course, Jack needs a little more than humans that are open to adopting an older dog because he's completely blind and only has four teeth.

There are a few things Jack's human family will need to do to help him navigate life in their home including: not changing where his food and water is located, not rearranging the furniture and baby proofing part of the home. You can learn more about what blind dogs need from the American Kennel Club here.

As for Jack's loss of teeth, it seems some type of kibble is still an option. Some recommend a soft dry food, some recommend a moist food and I even saw a couple of articles that pointed out many dogs tend to eat so fast their not really chewing their kibble, so regular food might work just fine. If you want to spend some time learning about this, here is the Google search results.

The Marshall Animal Shelter told Susie's Senior Dogs that Jack likes to snuggle in his bed. Enjoys being petted and that he maneuvers pretty well for a blind dog. Additionally, aside from his blindness and lack of teeth, Jack's a very healthy dog for his age and his blood work is normal.

Let's find Jack a home. The Marshall Animal Shelter has an open adoption policy and they can transport an animal within an hour radius of Marshall. You can ask questions about Jack, check out other adoptable animals and more at the Marshall Animal Shelter's Facebook page.

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