It's country corn maze season! Kellie Pickler is the latest artist to have her face cut into a field of corn.

A farm 90 minutes west of Pickler's North Carolina hometown has painstakingly detailed every feature of the country singer, and is now challenging the bravest to get lost in her beautiful eyes -- literally.

To be fair, the Shelby Corn Maze in Shelby, N.C. used a picture of a pre-2012 Pickler as inspiration. The 'Little Bit Gypsy' singer chopped off her blonde locks last September, and while it's growing back, the 'do is nowhere near the length of this corn artist's rendering. The pixie cut wouldn't be nearly as challenging.

This isn't the first time the Shelby Corn Maze has chosen a country star's face for fans to wander around in. In 2011, Jason Aldean was carved into the maize. That attraction even included the singer's starburst logo. Lady Antebellum and Alan Jackson are other country singers who've been honored in recent years.

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