Alright guys, it's that time again. October will be here before you know it. And of course, that means you guys wanna know about where you can see and buy some pumpkins, and where you can take the kids to do a little fall runnin' around. So here goes!

I mean, if nothing else, letting the kids get lost in a corn maze for a half an hour could be the break some of you parents need right now.

First of all, let's remind you of the really close ones. Nothing's going to be longer than a couple hours drive to get there, tops, but these first few are only about a half an hour drive.

1. Big Bear Pumpkin Patch.

This one is rarin' to go, they open this weekend. They're over on Eckles Road (think Dresden), and they do have an admission cost that's cash only, but it's not super pricey.

We will still have the corn maze, hay ride, zip line, bounce house, large slide that goes into corn pit x 2, sound garden, rubber duck race, lawn games, and more!

They do accept field trips and special groups, but you gotta let em know ASAP if you want to book one.  They work full time and gotta get PTO to schedule time off, you see.  You get that. They're also pet friendly, so as long as you keep him on a leash, your dog can join in the fun, too! Plus.....they have some of the biggest mums for sale I've ever seen. Bonus!

2. Pixie Pumpkin Patch.

This one's up in Knob Noster.  They have events throughout the year too, like an Easter Egg Hunt and a special events for Whiteman Air Force Base.  But it sounds like fun!  Pumpkins, hayrides, animals, beautiful flowers for sale, food, bounce pad, playgrounds, and a pumpkin cannon.  Plus, they have a brand spankin' new train this year! It looks ADORABLE.

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3. The Pumpkin Patch at Buckeye Acres.

This one is just a few miles north of Warrensburg. They're also open all year, because they sell produce and farm fresh foods, stuff like that. But obviously the pumpkin patch part is pretty seasonal. But they also take field trips and groups and birthday parties and all that good stuff, too. So maybe you can pop by, take a look around at stuff and walk away with some fresh veggies.

Now these are going to be a little bit more of a drive, but still pretty local.

4. Diamond Farms.

This one looks like a fun place to get some produce, namely some good pumpkins. However, it is down in Concordia, even though that's just about a 40 minute drive. I will caution though, they haven't updated their social media in a year (although they could just be waiting to start the new season), and there's no phone number to check. So it could be closed or retired. But if you're in the area, you might see if it's still kickin'.

5. Callaway Farms.

This one's down in the Columbia area. So only about a hour's drive, and it looks cool as all get out. They've got a a corn maze, plenty of snacks and merch, something called a Jumping Pillow, and the most interesting of all... the Gumball Coaster.

The most popular attraction inside is the three-story gumball coaster which occupies the front wall and rafters of the barn. Visitors watch in amazement as their gumball travels up to the peak of the barn and then down a series of tracks and gadgets to reach the bottom. It is definitely one–of–a-kind and a must see!

I mean... that sounds awesome. They've been open since September 15th, so they should be ready for ya. The maze itself is called Shyrock's Corn Maze, so if you're searching and see that, you're on the right track.

6. Bittersweet Junction Maze.

Full disclosure - this was another one that I am not 100% sure is still a thing. They say they're at the intersection of Highway 179 and 98 down in Boonville. However, they don't have a social media page or a website, and I couldn't find a working phone number. So this might be another one of those.... "If you're in the area already, why not look, but maybe don't make a special trip just for this" kind of things.

7. Papa Charlie's Pumpkin Patch.

No, this isn't Pa Pa's Pumpkin patch, that was in Sedalia and they closed down.
This one is in Chillicothe, so this might be a bit more of a drive. They say they're ten miles west of Chillicothe on Highway 190, take gravel road 511, and then you go one mile north.  Might be one for the GPS. All told, might take you about an hour and a half to get there. They've got a Pumpkin Chunkin Cannon, hay rides, bouncy houses, pedal tractor races, a straw castle, petting zoo, train rides, corn mazes, a playhouse for kids, and they have mums and pumpkins for sale as well as souvenirs. It is a cost to get in, $15 each (cash only), but kids two and under get in free.

Now sadly, I have to confirm that Prairie's End Pumpkin Patch (out South 65), as far as I know, is still closed.  Looking from the sign though, they are ready to sell.  So we might keep an eye out for that one next year.

But, please do let me know if there are any other Pumpkin Patches or Corn Mazes that you know of in our area that are opening this year.  We can do a part two!

Mazily yours,

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