What's lurking in the woods at Powell Gardens this fall? Whatever it is it might just scare your pants off.

Quixotic and Powell Gardens present an immersive, multimedia walkthrough installation in the woods this Halloween season. According to the Powell Gardens website, Dark Forest opens portals to worlds just out of our grasp. Worlds include enthralling performances, captivating music, and technology to help us "pierce the fabric of this universe." It looks a little spooky and scary too, take a look at this Youtube trailer.

It's undoubtedly a little bit of a different take on your typical haunted house or haunted pumpkin patch. New this year in the Dark Forest is an all-new spooky display of heirloom garden crops including bloody butcher field corn and other crops. An Apple Court featuring poisonous plants surrounding a giant green poison apple, perfect for a selfie. As well as an entertaining market of food, specialty drinks, and treasures from other worlds for all to enjoy in Mystic Faire.

Also, new this season is the VIP Fast Pass for Dark Forest. This pass lets you show up at any time on your ticketed day and go immediately to the front of the line. It also provides you access to the VIP seating area including firepits in the Mystic Faire area, along with two drink tickets, a t-shirt, and VIP parking.

Tickets for Powell Gardens members and non-members are $35.00, non-members must also purchase at least one parking pass for $10.00. Members receive free parking as one of their perks. The limited VIP Fast Passes cost $95.00 a person.

Gates for the Dark Forest open at 5:00 PM CDT, and the ticketed tours begin at 7:00 PM CDT and it takes about 30 minutes to walk. Visitors are invited to arrive early or stay after their tour, to enjoy the Mystic Faire area.

The trail, by the way, is a wooded, outdoor, mulched path with low light, and areas can be narrow and uneven, so strollers and wagons are not permitted, and the Dark Forest experience is a PG-13 type event. For more on this check out the FAQ for Dark Forest on the Powell Gardens website.

The Dark Forest at Powell Gardens is open the weekends of October 21 and October 27 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM CDT. Powell Gardens is located off Highway 50 in Kingsville, Missouri.

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