As I'm getting everything ready for the KIX Start Morning Show on KIX 105.7, I check the weather forecast every morning from the National Weather Service. As I looked at today's forecast I though there must have been a misprint. We are are firmly planted into Autumn, aren't we? Then where did this expected high temperature for the day come from?

Last week we had temperatures predominantly in the in the low to mid 60's with one day spiking into the upper 70's. (On Wednesday, September 30, the high was 78 degrees) This week we're seeing temps just a tad bit warmer

According to, the high last week on Monday was 71 and Tuesday's high peaked at 77 degrees. Now today (Wednesday) through Friday, we're to see temps in the 80's. In fact the projected high for today is 85 degrees.

Now if I remember correctly, we had plenty of mid-80- degree days this past summer. I just did a double-take to the calendar hanging on the wall and, yes Virginia, we are into the second week of Fall. I don't know about you but I was getting used to those daytime temps in the 60's and overnight lows in the upper 40 to low 50 degree range. My air conditioner was breathing a sigh of relief as was my bank account. I mean who doesn't enjoy opening up the bedroom windows and letting in that cool air to snore by!

I guess I shouldn't get too excited though...we pretty much see warm spikes in the forecast every year but it's amazing how quickly we forget from one year to the next. So enjoy the opportunity to feel the warmth of Ol' Sol on your back as we will wonder where that warmth has gone when we're battling wind chills and sub-freezing temperatures this winter.

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