So I finally got the final piece of my apartment puzzle taken care of.  Thanks to the Lowes in Sedalia. I feel like an adult.

My washer and dryer arrived and they are installed and ready for use.

Now this event in my life is a big deal.  For starters, this is a big deal for me to purchase something like this.  Such a permanent item.  Sure, I had some furniture, including a queen-sized bed, mattress, an old La-Z-Boy recliner I got from a Facebook resale group (got a lot of use considering it only cost me $75 and now I have had it over 4 years) a few dressers and one of them is as old as me.  My Samsung TV is over 10 years old and still works great.

But a washer and dryer? You get those when you have found a place to really call your own.  Now this was not without plenty of logistical issues.

I actually bought a different washer and dryer.  But do to my poor measuring skills, they did not fit in my "laundry room".  So when they were delivered and attempted to be installed, there were issues.  To the credit of the delivery guys they made the best of it and got them hooked up.  So if I was willing to climb on top of them to load my clothes they did work.  But this certainly was not a long term solution.

So I went back to Lowes and had to buy a stackable unit.  So I thought.  I went with a LG option that wasn't too fancy but would be perfect for a single guy like me.  Lined up the delivery time which thankfully was Sunday evening.  One snag however.  I had to drive to Columbia to that Lowes location to get the stacker kit that wasn't in stock here in town.  No problem, a small price to pay instead of waiting weeks for them to be shipped to the Sedalia location.

Now the great news.  When the delivery arrived to take away the old washer and dryer, and install the new one...I didn't have to stack them at all. Almost a perfect fit.  Hooked up and ready to go.  And I hope they will last.  Because I plan on being here for a while.  I will be waking you up on KIX starting Monday next week.  With cleans clothes washed in my own personal washer and dryer.  Yeah me!

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