Yesterday was beautiful day. The temperature was in the upper 60's, even hitting the 70 degree mark every once in a while. But it was a windy day. Last night before I shut things down to go to bed I noticed that my scalp was a little red.

Was it the sun? Could it have been windburn? A combination of both? Is windburn a real thing? I've heard it mentioned many times over the years but I've never looked to see if windburn is actually something that can affect you. Well, I looked it up and it is.

According to an article on it's a real condition.

According to the article here's what is and what it can do to you:

Windburn is commonly known to us as sunburn that is triggered or aggravated by the wind’s effect in removing the UV-filtering layer lipids of our skin. This can cause for irritation thus causing for less protection from the sun or the UV rays.

The article goes on to say that it shouldn't be confused with sunburn as wind burn is "more common in cold areas or in low temperature countries."

So I think I'm okay for now, but at least in the future I'll know the difference...and you will too!

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