I am a social media addict.  I have both a personal Facebook page and a "Fan" page.  I have Twitter and Google +.  Not to mention Linked In and various other professional accounts.  I use social media as both a way to entertain and interact with people.  Finding the balance is a tricky thing.

I've written about over sharing.  No. I'm not interested in what my closest friend had for lunch, so unless there is some benefit to me, I'm not interested in what my Facebook friends have either.  Now, I'm noticing something else attacking our collective senses.


MEMES!  Yes, some of them are funny/cute.  Some are inspirational.  Some are downright disgusting (those are the best ones though).  Memes are EVERYWHERE!  It makes Facebook look like a collective series of billboards.  I feel like I'm driving in Florida every time I log on.

Now I'm not trying to tell people how to use Facebook.  I know I can "unfriend" them if I don't like it.  I'm not saying some of them aren't entertaining.  But when will they finally run their course?

Will there be a day when people will use social media to share INTERESTING moments of their day with friends again?  Will the day come when pictures that will be interesting to friends an family return?  Or are we now strictly there so captions can be put on random pictures in the feeble attempt to make us laugh, go "awww," repent or feel better about ourselves?


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