I mean, geez.  Can I not have nice things?  Or at least somewhat DECENT things? I have one of those fans that cools down your laptop.  It plugs into my laptop at home on the side, into the USB so it doesn't need a battery or anything. It wasn't very expensive, but it's effective.  And for some reason, every animal that lives in this freggin' house has to rub their face against it every dang day. 


Caught red pawed! And it's never any other place but the sides of their faces.  Not a paw, not the back, nothing but the side of the face.  I keep pushing and pulling them away, but they come back every time.  It's gotten to the point that the plastic is starting to break there at the wire.  I couldn't even get a photo of it because this one kept headbutting me.  So does he want affection?  NO.  I pet him, he leaves.


He wants me to move, so he can rub against the usb cord. I can scratch your face for you, animal!  Please stop trying to destroy the laptop cooler thingy.  He's hollering at me from the kitchen as I type this.  He's probably mad I'm not letting him destroy my property.

I wonder what on earth it is about this thing that makes all of them want to do this specific thing every day?  It's not like we don't pet, scritch and brush them. Why, animal, why.

What kind of weird stuff does your pet do that you can't explain?

Electronically yours,


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