There are a lot of terrible, horrible, not very nice things on the internet. But, I don't actively seek those out. I look for stuff like music, animal videos, stuff that makes me laugh.  You know, the good stuff.  And somehow, my search history brought me to OzMedia. I don't know who the guy is or where he's from or anything, really - it's not a huge channel, less than half a million subscribers. But boy howdy, I found him, and he made me laugh for a good three hours yesterday.

Memes are often gross or stupid, but sometimes they're wholesome and nice.  We kind of need more positivity these days, don't we?  Of course we do.  And hey, since you're probably staying at home like me, why not find something fun to watch? Now you should keep in mind that not ALL of his videos are so wholesome. And there are some light swears in this one. So  maybe not small child friendly, but TV age friendly.  There are some swears in others, but I think you can tell from the titles which ones you'll want to watch.

What kind of videos do you and your family enjoy lately?  Have you found something new, or do you stick to stuff you know you like? Would you recommend some funny stuff to me? I'd love any new recommendations!

Memely yours,

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