Yes, I was browsing YouTube again.  It's for work! 

Everybody in Sedalia knows about Scott Joplin. He's something we're taught about since we were youngin's.  And after all, we have a whole festival to honor his music every year,  bringing in people from all over the world.  I guess I thought I had seen/heard it all when it came to Scott Joplin's music.


Turns out there's a YouTuber named PaulHD who has a very active account with lots of music, art and creative endeavors.  I don't know anything about them - they don't have any information on their page - but it seems like they're a really talented person! And wouldn't you know, they just so happened to make a new version of the "Maple Leaf Rag" just about a week ago.

Now that's gonna be stuck in my head for ages.  I guess I never thought Ragtime had an updated sound, but that just goes to show you that music transcends through anything- time, location, language, anything.

How cool is that? Pretty great, in my opinion, anyway.  What do you think about the new, updated version of the old classic?

Electronically yours,