I just got back from five days in Arizona. As I came back to Missouri, I definitely felt the change in the weather. Trying to decide which I like better- 100 degree plus heat every day with little humidity or 80's and 90's with a much higher dose of humidity.

You've heard people say it time after time-"But it's a dry heat." Yes the hot summer temperatures of Arizona does take some getting used to but so does the temps and the humidity of the dog days of summer in Missouri.

I flew in to KCI from Phoenix last night just before midnight. When I got to my car the temperature was around 76. Not too bad. In fact it felt nice with a light breeze. Just a tad bit different than what I experienced in the great southwest.

So the highest temperature I experienced while in Peoria, AZ., (a suburb of Phoenix) was 110. When I checked the humidity that day it was around 18%.

At the writing of this post, (2:20 p.m.) according to the National Weather Service, the temperature in Sedalia was 90 with a heat index of 98.

So which do you feel is worse? I know in Arizona when you walk into a shaded area outside when the temp is 110, you can definitely feel the difference. Especially if you have a breeze. In Missouri, if you experience temps and humidity like today, the only place you are going to feel a difference and find relief is in an an air-conditioned room.

So which would you rather put up with all summer long? Humidity or dry heat?



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