Think about it...instead of getting paid weekly or every other week, you were handed a pay check at the end of each workday. Would you like it and is it feasible?

For most, twice a month your mind does cartwheels and you feel a little euphoric. Why? Payday! But what if that pay day was on a daily basis? Imagine getting home after a long day only to check your bank account and finding X amount of dollard deposited. Could you survive getting paid at the end of your shift on each and every day you work? It could be a possibility for some in the not-so-distant future.

According to a post on the, if this was to happen it would be almost like procurring a payday loan. the best part of it is, you wouldn't have to pay excessive fees and interest for the daily paycheck.

Unless you are an employee of Wal-Mart, you probably haven't about a feature that they are offering to employees. To help avoid the fees and interet that go along with payday loans, Wal-Mart has come up with a new system through an app called Even that will give employees the opportunity to recieve a portion of their earned wages for the hours they have worked, and that's before their regularly scheduled payday.

So if the the every-two-week payday or getting paid every week went away and you went to a daily payday insteaad, could you handle it? 

Ian Jeffery



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