What was your attitude during the second half of your Memorial Day? A little on the negative side? Did the thought of going to work Tuesday morning hit home? You're not alone.

After spending the weekend away on a short Memorial Day weekend jaunt did you pull into the driveway only to find yourself a little depressed? Or maybe being able to sleep in an extra day and the reality of the alarm clock going off Tuesday morning have you a little on edge? Some times it just sucks being an adult and knowing you have the responsibility of starting all over after a mini-vacay.

While some of us have a hard time getting back to reality, there's a couple of tips that may make it easier for you.

Instead of going from the out-of-town adventure and straight back to work routine, try taking an extra day off as a buffer. Sometimes this will help to ease going back to work.

Or only work for a half-day on your first day back from the extended weekend. This can also help you to slide back into the swing of things.

However you deal with back-to-work doldrums, make sure you have a full pot of coffee and hit the ground running with a smile on your face. It couldn't hurt and it might help!




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