Yesterday morning the Missouri State Fair announced Tyler Hubbard, half of the Grammy-nominated and CMA award-winning duo Florida Georgia Line, will perform in the grandstand on the fair's opening night.

Here's what you think of the Missouri State Fair's first fair concert:

Teresa Hebeler says, "Tyler opened for Keith UIrban recently, he puts on a great show. Don’t knock the guy for wanting to continue to perform and the brother doesn’t. He is more rock than country."  While Cathy Montgomery gives an enthusiastic, "Heck y’all" of approval to the Fair's choice.

Meanwhile, Sarah Leigh Dieckhoff and Alexia Janel Howard are already making plans to attend the show, right on the KSIS Facebook Page under our article announcing the show. And Robin Wansing tagged a friend and said, "We. Are. Going. Period."

Other people, however, don't seem to be fans of the Fair's selection or feel that Tyler Hubbard is half an experience. That's a fair point, as a duo Florida Georgia Line just dominated the charts, and almost go beyond being a country act to being something more. Hubbard may have to prove himself in the eyes of some fans, that he can bring the goods.

Tim Keele writes, "Half of ZZ Top and now half fgl? Can we get a whole band, please?" I'll admit, I got a chuckle out of this.

However, there's a big difference between ZZ Top continuing with Dusty Hill's tech after Dusty's passing, and a member of FGL going solo. Yeah, ZZ Top turned in a bad show at the fair last year, but I saw Billy Gibbons solo a few years prior in an empty theater in Lubbock, Texas and he outperformed whatever it was we paid for at the Fair last year.

Not to mention you can't get away from the cracks about The Fair not wanting to spend the cash on top-tier talent. Christine Riggs Hinkle writes, "Can't afford the whole band." While Tim Keele responds, "Art Garfunkel next year."

Our friend Tim Nessel sums it up well on the Awesome 92.3 Facebook page, "He should do well, with Parmalee on the bill too. Seems like the same idea as Trace Adkins for opening night. Decent named act with a good opener."  I don't think I could have said it any better myself.

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