Yeah, I know.  It's Monday.That's never really a huge problem for me, but I know there are some people who really share the whole "Garfield the Cat" attitude.  But then I thought... cat... cats are cute... why stop there? There have to be a ton of cute animals out there!  Let's look at some and enjoy ourselves for once.

bails_inman, Instagram

He just looks happy, doesn't he? OH MAN I just assumed it was a boy, could be a girl. Sorry.

circlecbunnies, Instgram

If you can't tell, they're little baby bunnies.  It was actually a video I caught a screen shot of.  That big white thing is Mamma.

dominc.jfm, Instagram

Look at that little face! Looks just about done with everything but naptime.

happy.little.homestead, Instagram

Cute little chicks! I bet they're all over the place.

justinhuffhines, Instagram

Paxton has a little moustache, almost.  I enjoy that.

kasa_alo, Instagram

"Let me tell ya 'bout my beessssst friiiiiiend...."

l.ganske, Instagram

The hat.  The clear pettings that were happening.  A+.

marichkagalyuk, Instagram

Goats?  Yes.

thejoshargenbright, Instagram

This kind of shot is why people are on Instagram to begin with.

unfocusedmedia, Instagram

Is it a Guinea Pig? A Hamster? I don't know. I never had small animals like this. But it's cute!  Wanna show me some cute photos of your pets? Let's go for it!

Pettingly yours,