Well, I know some of you could have used this information BEFORE the holiday weekend, but hey.  You can keep it for next time. 

Maybe for when you go somewhere for Labor Day!  If you're hitting the road this summer, listen up:  A 'motorists rights' group called the National Motorists Association has come up with a list of states that are most likely to ticket drivers.

It's kind of an imperfect science, since that data is pretty hard to put together.  According to the group, they created the rankings with a Google tool that analyzed ticket-related search queries over time, and showed trends across the U.S. Anyway, here's what they come up with.  Here are The Ten States Most Likely To Ticket Drivers, ranked from most likely to least likely . . .


#1.)  Florida

#2.) TIED:  Georgia and Nevada

#3.)  Texas

#4.)  Alabama

#5.)  Missouri

Yep, there we are.  We issue a lot of tickets, apparently.

#6.)  New York

#7.)  North Carolina

#8.)  District of Columbia

#9.)  New Jersey

#10.)  Louisiana

And for good measure, here are The Ten States LEAST Likely To Ticket Drivers, ranked from more likely to ticket on down:

#10.)  New Mexico

#9.)  Nebraska

#8.)  Idaho

#7.)  West Virginia

#6.)  Maine

#5.)  Alaska

#4.)  South Dakota

#3.)  North Dakota

#2.) Wyoming

#1.)  And the state LEAST likely to give you a ticket is . . . Montana

Have you ever gotten a ticket?  Did you get one over a road trip weekend?  Is Missouri's place on the list surprising, or do you feel like it's accurate?

Ticketingly yours,