My Missouri family like many Missouri families have gotten that phone call you never want to receive. The news that a family member has perished in an accident is becoming an all too familiar event in the Show Me State and data shows the numbers are skyrocketing.

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This is just pure data from the National Transportation and Highway Safety Administration. They have a tool where you can create a query of fatal accidents in a specific place and determine how many years you'd like to cover. I decided to look at the 5 most recent years of complete data beginning in 2017 and continuing through 2021. The numbers are stunning.

The NTHSA tool breaks down the fatal accidents in Missouri by month and year. Notice how it begins to escalate in the last year of the data.

Infographic, NHTSA
Infographic, NHTSA

Those numbers might appear small on the device you're on so I'll translate. No surprise that the summer months of July and August have the highest number of fatalities. From 2017 through 2021, there's been an almost 10% increase in the number of fatalities on Missouri roads. 

The total for that 5 year period is sobering at 4,377 Missouri lives.  Even one is too many. I have to wonder what the numbers will look like once 2022 and 2023 Missouri fatality numbers are in.

It just shows you can make all the laws and regulations you want, but bad things will still happen. You just hope and pray that those you know and love are not the subject of one of those phone calls someday.

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