With Halloween coming up this Saturday, Thanksgiving landing in our laps in four weeks, and Christmas on the horizon, we're collectively trying to bring some normalcy to some our favorite holidays.

Many stories have been published saying that costume sales are down as are candy sales for Halloween. I decided to see how many of our listeners were going to lay out the candy for trick or treaters this year. We posted this question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page, "Have you/will you buy candy for Trick or Treaters?" After seeing some of the answers, I believe I would beg to differ that this Halloween will be much different from other years.

Here's some of the answers as to why I believe you'll see many of the kids out and about Halloween evening.

Here's the question again and the answers-

Have you/will you buy candy for Trick or Treaters?

Yvette A.N. -  Already got ours...ready for the kiddos

Carla B.D. - Yes we will have candy

Chad C. - Already have. I packaged it individually in zip loc bags.

Anita V.S. - Already have some for my little trick or treaters.

Lynn E. - Yes my light will be on. Saturday 14th & Engineer look for all the scarecrows hope to see many treaters

Julie R. - Yes, don't have many trick or treater's but I have candy for who does come

Now there were a few that said no they wouldn't but they had some good reasons why-

Nancy E-H - I would be if I didn't have a wedding to go to

Donna T. - We don't get any, but if we did then with out a doubt!!

Carol D.C. - Nope. We live on a dead end anyway, never get any trick or treaters

So, by seeing these results I'd say Halloween will be in full swing Saturday night!

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