Yep, here I am again, telling you about yet another blood drive you can participate in! You guys know by now these things are some of my favorite charity causes to support.  But this one is a little bit interesting!  I mean, every blood drive has a good, interesting little incentive to go, in my opinion.  Can you be a blood drive nerd? If so, I am. Let's check out some deets, yo.

Join us for a summer of saving lives and keeping it cool with our Pint for a Pint brewery collaboration! Kicking off Tuesday, August 1, breweries and pubs across the area are coming together to support the critical need for blood donations in the summertime. When you present to donate August 1 – September 10, 2023 you will receive a voucher* to redeem either a free or discounted beverage from a participating brewery or pub.

Now what does that asterisk mean?  It means of course, you gotta be legal to drink, you can't exchange the voucher for cash, and the voucher has to be used how the brewery/winery wants you to.  You can't rock up to the brewery and ask for their biggest, most expensive drink if they want to give you a beer.  If they say it's not a free drink, and it's a discounted one, well, you gotta go with that.  And, they say you can't redeem the voucher the same day you donate, which... fair.   It's probably not a great idea to give blood and then drink, no cap.  But you can plan something for that weekend!

So how does it work?  You make an appointment, first - the blood drive is happening from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday, August 7th. When I did it, they had the morning full, but the afternoon slots look good. Yeah, it's coming up soon, but a lot of reasonable employers would be fine if you tell 'em now you're planning to give.  So it shouldn't be hard to ask to leave a little early for a long lunch or to cut out a bit early from work. Just tell 'em you're giving blood, that's a good deed after all - saving up to three lives at once!

Then you just show up to the First Christian Church, which is at 200 South Limit Avenue, here in Sedalia.  Make sure you eat something that morning, and don't forget to bring your ID! Then, they ask you a few questions, you lay down for like, twenty minutes, have a juice, and BAM, you're done. And then, if you're old enough of course, you get your voucher. Then, you get to walk away knowing that local people who need it will get that help... directly from you.

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Which can go to wineries and breweries that are joining in.  And these aren't places you've never heard of - there's one associated with Boulevard Brewery, and there are others like Crescent Moon Winery, KC Bier Company, and KC Wineworks.  But there's almost thirty different places on the list, so you're bound to find one you want to visit.  Check out the full list here.  They've got links to different ones, so you can click through to see if it's your vibe. And you can make an appointment here. Just remember the group code is SD, (think like an abbreviation for Sedalia, SD, you get it) so you're not signed up in some other city.

Now if you have any questions, like, "Should I give if I'm on this medication" or "Should I give if I have this medical condition", you can always call 1 800 688 0900.

I'll see you there!  Well, my appointment will after I'm done at work, but you dig.  Maybe we'll be there at the same time, I don't know.

Donatingly yours,


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