Alright guys, it's time for another one of the best bits of my job. It's time to talk about our latest nomination for Central Bank of Sedalia's Unsung Hero!Of course, you guys know how this goes by now.  You nominate a person in your life who is doing good just because it's the right thing to do, and Central Bank honors them with us.   Your submissions are carefully read each month, and this time, the bank's committee chose Swanetta Marshall!

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Let's see what her nominator, Misty Casdorph, had to say:

Swanetta Marshall and I have a strong bond, being as we are both grieving mothers that lost our sons Devin Gose and Tre'Veon Marshall.  Swanetta hasn't let a day go by without showing strength and courage.  One of my favorite things that she started was "Diggz Kids" in 2016 as a way to honor her son, whose life ended with gun violence just 16 days before his 18th birthday.  A native of Sedalia, Swanetta wanted to give back to the community and honor her son's memory.  She came up with "Diggz Kids" because 'Diggz' was a nickname Tre'Veon went by with family and friends.  She hosted the first Back to School Bash for the local community, held at the Sedalia Housing Authority.  Each year after that, the organization continues to grow and add to the event.  In 2019, "Diggz Kids" gave out 372 bags and supplies during the two hour event. To date, "Diggz Kids" has given out over 1500 book bags to area kids in need.  As well as book bags and supplies, the Back to School Bash offers free haircuts, food, bounce houses, face painting, balloon animals, etc, for the kids to enjoy.  The event has brought together the local community and continues to grow in size.  Future plans include creating a scholarship fund.  Swanetta also works with CHS as a Lead Direct Support Professional.  Nothing excites her more than seeing the excitement on her client's face when they've accomplished a goal or learned a new skill.  She's passionate about teaching, encouraging, and advocating for the unique needs of each individual, highlighting the importance of a unique approach to life.  This is why she has has dedicated herself to building an inclusive community for all!

WOW.  That was some nomination!  I'm pretty sure Misty said it a lot better than I ever could have.   But you can listen to Randy Kirby's interview with Swanetta, so we can all get to know her as well.

If you have someone in your life or on your radar that you feel needs a little pat on the back, nominate your Unsung Hero here.

Nominatingly yours,

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