Destination-Kansas City, the Sprint Center. Date-Saturday, May 6, 2017. Results-OMG!

I was lucky enough to purchase tickets for the Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood concert at the Sprint Center in KC. My wife and I headed up Saturday afternoon to meet up with a few family members to start our venture.

After eating at one of our favorite Mexican spots in KC, (Margaritas) we headed to the River Market area to secure a parking spot. (Great advice from Derrick Gill) We parked and walked about four blocks to catch a streetcar to get closer to our destination.

After riding a streetcar for the first time, (Check, bucket list) and being squeezed into a can of sardines, we got off a couple of blocks from the Power & Light District. It was my first time at the P & L. (Check, bucket list) We headed towards the Sprint Center.

You know how you think it gets crowded for a huge concert at the Missouri State Fair? Forget that...this was insane. imagine 18,000 plus people in the same location for one show. Now, I'm talking about 18,000 plus for the show that was yet to begin. I'm not including the remnants of the other 18,000 plus that had been at the earlier GB concert plus the other how-ever-many other hundreds that were in the area just to be out on a Saturday night.

After finally getting in what we thought was the right line to get into the building and being herded like cattle into a loading dock, we gained access into the venue. After that it was just a matter of finding our seats and waiting.

Two opening acts came out to keep us entertained while everyone tried to buy our beer and nachos, and work ourselves through the lines to the bathroom. Finally about 8:45 the countdown began for the man...Garth Brooks.

In all my years, I've never seen one 55 year old man have so much energy. I don't know what supplements he's taking or what Trisha is cooking for him, but it's working! The last time I saw Garth in concert was...uh...let me think...1989. Yep...28 years ago!

In my opinion, definitely the best performer of our time. Well worth the money.

What's the MasterCard commercial...pre-concert meal for six-$ for six for Garth Brooks' concert $430.00...memories for a lifetime-priceless.

garth brooks five million tickets world tour
Rick Diamond, Getty Images


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