I'm sure a lot of you are getting ready for some tasty treats this week.  There may be a few jokes about fruitcake.   Maybe people DON'T hate fruitcake as much as you think.  In a new survey of people's favorite Christmas desserts, fruitcake only finished behind cookies and eggnog.  It beat out candy canes and gingerbread.

Fruitcake gets dumped on a lot as the Christmas dessert that somehow survives from generation to generation, even though no one likes it.  WELL . . . maybe it's time to stop busting fruitcake's balls.   In a new survey on Christmas desserts, fruitcake did NOT come in last.  In fact, it beat out two Christmas desserts that you'd THINK were way more popular.

Cookies came in as the best Christmas dessert, getting 29% of the vote.  Eggnog was second, at 19% . . . then fruitcake was third, at 12%.  What lost to fruitcake?  Candy canes got 8% of the vote, and gingerbread only got 6%.  Miscellaneous other desserts got 24% of the vote . . . but if they weren't popular enough to make separate choices, then I say THEY'RE below fruitcake too.   One other related note.  If you want to make people hate candy canes even MORE, there's a website selling boxes of PICKLE-FLAVORED CANDY CANES.  They sound perfectly horrible.  I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be terrible, though. I joke gifted some mac and cheese candy canes, those might be just a tad worse.

So what about you - which Christmas treats and desserts are your favorite?

Fruitcakily yours,


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