When the time comes when you're bellying up to the bar, and you're exchanging tall tales, how often do you go back in time and try to remember your favorite watering holes? 

Not originally being from Sedalia, my feet hit here in the late summer of 1977. Not being of legal drinking age, I heard about some of the different locations for libations around town. Now you have to remember, you had more local drinking establishments/corner bars back in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s than today. A lot them had a corner kitchen for a quick bite, or at at least a toaster oven to warm up a packaged sandwich. Some had pool tables, some had shuffleboard tables, and some were barely big enough to turn around in.

Of course the Chez When, which is till open and operating at full speed, comes to mind first. Along with it were other places that are now closed, like Bunny's BBQ aka Mary Prine's, Crouchs, and The Wolf's Den.

You have to throw in Flumgudgins, Ramada Inn Lounge, and Red Apple into the mix, too. These were more known as nightclubs but they served many a cold beer and mixed drinks in their day (and night!).

Which other ones do you remember?

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