When I arrived in Sedalia, one things I heard on multiple occasions, was the fact that if I was hungry, there was almost every option for food in town.  If you wanted it, there was a place to find it.  My colleague Mike Pettis had a craving for Mizumi, so we checked out this popular food truck on Limit Ave.

attachment-Menu Mizumi
attachment-Menu Mizumi 2

Most of the menu is seen above.  So I decided to make it simple.  Get an appetizer and an entree.  I was able to get a few meals out of it.  I went with the Crab Rangoon, and the Hibachi Steak.  Mike went with the Spring Rolls and Sushi.  Pictures below.

attachment-Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon was delicious.  The sauce is called Yum Yum sauce.  Really tasty!

attachment-Spring Rolls

Spring rolls were also quite tasty.  Either app is a must have.

attachment-Dragon Roll

Mike also ordered the Dragon Roll Sushi.  Was not too spicy, with shrimp and avocado.  I would not have minded a little extra heat.  But Mike devoured them.  Thumbs up on that dish.

attachment-Hibachi Steak

The Hibachi Steak was my entree, and my goodness was this a lot of food.  Rice was flavorful, and you get plenty.  Steak was prepared properly and was tender.  The onions, zucchini, and carrot veggies added a nice touch.  Truthfully, I just added the Yum Yum sauce and mixed everything together.  Glorious.

If you wish to check out their Facebook page, the link is HERE.  It was not cheap to order from here, but I also got a ton of food.  I got at least 2 or three meals out of what I received, so it is worth the purchase price.  You can also email them at mizumisedalia@gmail.com if you have questions.  I will be returning in the future for sure.

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