Last Friday our staff got to welcome our newest Account Executive Bill Fisher to the team and we all ate lunch at El Espolon in Sedalia.  It was my first time in the place.  Which is funny, because it is directly across from our station.  Well a stone's throw.  If it was warmer, we could have walked there.

I didn't know that this restaurant if family owned and operated.  Always good.  Authentic Mexican food, with fresh ingredients, and they are family friendly.  In fact I think a few kids had the Friday off from school because I saw many young kids there with their parents.  You can check out their website HERE

So what did everyone have, and how was the food? Lets begin:

attachment-El Espolon Beef Bean Nachos

Got to start with appetizers.  Beef/Bean Nachos were ordered, and devoured.  We were supplied with chips and salsa.  Salsa was more on the mild side, and we asked for some queso.  They were enjoyed by all.  On the table were also various levels of sauces if you wanted some more heat.

attachment-El Espolon CHoy pollo

I believe what you see above is the Choripollo.  This is on the special dinner menu and it was ordered by Randy.  Chicken breast and chorizo grilled and smothered in the cheese dip with rice and beans.  It may not look that appealing, but the flavor was certainly there.  Randy cleaned his plate.

attachment-El Espolon Fajitas Chx Stk
attachment-El Espolon Fajitas sides

I went for fajitas.  Steak and Chicken combo.  Has some grilled veggies mixed in with the meat that was very flavorful.  The sides of sour cream, guac, Pico de gallo, lettuce, rice, beans and cheese.  Solid choice, and I had to take home the leftovers because I could not finish them.

attachment-El Espolon Chili Rellano

Above is lunch special #1.  Ordered by Lori, this was a chile relleno.  It includes a taco, beans and Guac salad, not pictured.   Lori described it as very flavorful, and she also cleaned her plate.

attachment-El Espolon Steak Burrito

Craig, our market manager, had lunch special #7.  Steak Burrito.  Steak, lettuce and cheese inside, with either guac or sour cream on top with rice.  Strong flavor, not too spicy, filling, loved the cheese inside.  Good value for lunch to fill your stomach.

attachment-El Espolon Pollo Paria(1)

Our new Account Executive Bill Fisher order the Pollo Pirata.  This looked really good.  Crispy Chicken burrito topped with jalapeno cream cheese and colby jack cheese, then baked.  Rice comes with it, and the guacamole salad.  Big thumbs up from Bill.  I think I will be ordering this next time.

attachment-El Espolon Tacos Rice

Rob is a simple guy, and ordered the tacos and rice.  Nothing fancy, just good flavor, soft shells.  I believe hard shells are available too.

I also wanted to mention that Behka ordered a chicken quesadilla torta.  The picture didn't come out too well, but I was assured that it was a tasty dish. Poor Behka had not had good luck in some of our other lunches but this one left her smiling.

Overall, this was a wonderful lunch and if you like Mexican food, this place should be a destination.  All of the ingredients were fresh, flavorful, and you can control the spice with the sauces on the table.  We did have to remind our server a few times for refills on drinks and salsa and queso.  But overall everyone left full, happy and there are plenty of options for you that should put a smile on your face.

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