It had been a while since the majority of our staff got to check out a local place to dine.  Not that long ago, my colleague and account executive Lori, made a trip to Knob Noster to visit our morning show sponsor Chad Copper.  Lori and I stopped for lunch after at a small local BBQ place called Belly Down BBQ.  I was able to get a majority of the staff to return there and now you can see what we had.

attachment-Belly Down 1

Money Mike Pettis went with the brisket sandwich with fried mushrooms.  All of the food is served on trays with paper underneath so it is easy to clean up and wash.  You will get a better view of the brisket sandwich in a bit.

attachment-Belly Down 2

Above is the pulled pork sandwich with crinkle cut fries.  It was ordered by Craig.  Each table has on it, a bottle of ketchup and BBQ sauce so you can control how much of it you put on your sandwich.  I assure you, the pulled pork was flavorful, as was the brisket.

attachment-Belly Down 3

Lori also had the brisket sandwich and her side was the cheesy taters.  These au gratin potatoes are a MUST!  An absolute home run.

attachment-Belly Down 4

Aubrey had a different lunch.  Chicken tenders, the cheesy taters, and lemon meringue pie.  TRY THE PIE!  Not too tart, crispy crust, and delicious filling.  I believe they also have Key Lime Pie.

attachment-Belly Down 5

Bill had the sandwich that I had last time I went. Xtreme-combo.  It has brisket, pork, hot link, onion ring, and melted cheese.  Sweet potato waffle fries.  Bill passed along his high praises to the owner about the fries.

attachment-Belly Down 8

I had the combo sandwich with is brisket and pulled pork.  Along with the cheesy taters, they have a pasta salad that is sometimes available.  ORDER THIS!  Again, as a reminder, there is BBQ sauce on your table, so you can control the amount of sauce on your sandwiches.

attachment-Belly Down 7

You will leave this place full.  They have catering available as I saw a lot of people getting food to go.  Also you need to know it is small.  Maybe 50 seats in the whole place.  But it is worth it.  The signs above say it all.  Alcohol is available, as well as T-shirts and other items of clothing.  They haven't been open too long, just a year or so.  But you will leave full.  For me, it is the sides that make this little place worth the trip.

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