My first experience calling a Sedalia Bombers game... where do I start? Let's start with the stadium. Liberty Park/Dey Field is awesome. It has that old historic feel to it. The stands are roofed in, and I have never been to a stadium like this one. As announcers we sit up in front of the fans, and I am convinced the players, coaches, and umpires can hear us so I know to be careful to question anything going on out on the field.

Another thing I love about the atmosphere, also has to do with the league itself, and that's the wooden bats. The sound of the ball coming off the bat at the sweet spot is awesome. Calling the games with Kaleb he mentioned this in the broadcast aluminum bats make everything sound the same pretty much. Wooden bats you can tell the difference from a home run caliber smack, and a slow grounder to the pitcher.

As far as the Bombers go their roster seems set, and ready for a great season. Not just on offense with players like Jonothan Romone who just hit 2 home-runs in their 3rd game of the season. Romone being one of four guys who already have 3 RBIs in just 3 games. The bombers defense is what has me the most excited this season. Jarod Perry out in center-field is someone to watch. Perry made a magnificent diving catch in the home opener back on Saturday May 30th vs the Mudcats of Chillocothe. Perry has wheels he is arguably the fastest guy on the field at any given moment. When talking about Bombers defense you can't fail to mention Trey Hair who was at second-base in the home opener. Hair has amazing range at his position, and even turned an unassisted double play against the Mudcats. Looking at this line up it is scattered with talent, and potential so come out and support the Bombers, and when you can't make it listen in to Kaleb, and myself call the games which stream live over the internet.

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