The Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri’s Summer Program had a few special visitors this week – members of the Sedalia Bombers baseball team.

As part of a partnership between the Club and the team, several players came to the Skyline Site Wednesday to read to members, answer questions and play.

Bombers pitcher Brady Womacks said he was excited to volunteer at the Club because he liked reading.

“It definitely extends knowledge, their overall knowledge, which is very important,” Womacks said.

Third and fourth grade Club members had a Q&A session with centerfielder Trey Harris and outfielder Justin Holt, and learned baseball tricks as well as the players’ favorite music artists.

After getting to know the players, all Club members were brought to the gymnasium where Harris gave a speech on the importance of education and gave out autographs to the members.

“At the end of the day, school is way more important than baseball,” said Harris, who has been playing baseball since he was 3-years-old. “Stick to it, when you get to college and get to play sports, it’s worth it.”

“They said that going to school was really important because they got to play baseball but also they were educated,” said Club member Cord Ischay, 10.

“I learned to try your hardest, and don’t let someone tell you not to try your hardest,” said Club member Landon Gaspard, 8.

(Courtesy of Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri)

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