Money can buy everything.

When I travel through Missouri there are some huge (and expensive) homes that I could only dream of having. Well, one neighborhood was just named the most expensive in the state with average new homes valuing over $1 million.

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Using data from Zillow CashNetUSA just put together a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in each state, and Kansas City takes the top spot for Missouri. When looking for a home you want to be in the best neighborhood possible that not only provides a good school district but also opportunities for the whole family.

How did CashNetUSA Break it Down?

used real estate data from Zillow to identify neighborhoods in the towns and cities of all 50 U.S. states. Then, we added together the house prices in each area and divided them by the number of properties to calculate the average price in every neighborhood.

With the housing market moving a bit slower with not a whole lot of inventory available, houses like these, in the neighborhood you want to be in go fast. So, if you have the money don't wait to get in one of these neighborhoods.


The top three most expensive neighborhoods are:

  • Manalapan, Flordia - average cost $39,761,000
  • Palm Island, Flordia - average cost $27,624,833
  • Snowmass, Colorado - average cost $23,568,750

So when you look at the average cost for Kansas City it doesn't look that expensive. I just have to wonder what it would be like to live in a house worth millions of dollars. I will wonder about this my whole life because unless I win the lottery it will never happen.

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