According to a new study, newly married couples who watch five romantic comedies together a month are HALF as likely to get divorced in the first three years of marriage. The catch is, you also have to DISCUSS the movies afterward, and compare the relationships to your own.

When it comes to date nights, most guys would rather see an action movie or a comedy than a sappy romance.

But listen up, guys.  Because all those romantic comedies you've been dragged to might be the only reason she hasn't DUMPED YOU YET.

Researchers at the University of Rochester and UCLA studied 174 newly married couples, and found that the ones who watched FIVE romantic comedies or dramas together per month were HALF as likely to get divorced within the first three years of marriage.

24% of the couples who DIDN'T watch romantic movies got divorced within three years, compared to just 11% of the couples who DID.

The catch is, you can't just WATCH them together.  You also have to DISCUSS them afterward, and then compare and contrast the relationships in the movie to YOUR OWN relationship.

I'm gonna have to make sure Boyfriendo knows that one! That made me a little curious about the romantic comedies you like to watch.  What are some of your favorite romantic comedy movies?  Tell me all about it in our survey and I'll share your answers on the air while you get points to get prizes.

Romantically yours,

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