It's a tradition when you get engaged. You start going to bridal fairs. And people try to sell you stuff to make your wedding day the greatest day of your life. For us, we didn't get much out of the big bridal fairs held hotel ballrooms. We got more out of the local businesses people recommended or that we seeked out out on our own. If you're getting married in Warrensburg, or near Warrensburg, Warrensburg Main Street might be able to clue you into some of these local businesses than a big bridal fair in Columbia or Kansas City.

It's Warrensburg's Downtown Wedding Walk. And it's happening on Saturday February 6 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST. According to Warrensburg Main Street:

This event is designed for newly engaged couples looking to plan their perfect day and keep shopping local. We will be showcasing Downtown shops & businesses that can help make your wedding exactly as you picture it.

According to Warrensburg Mainstreet's Facebook event page, Downtown Warrensburg has almost everything you'll need for your wedding: your dress, your cake, your flowers, your hair stylist, your caterer and more. The Wedding Walk will give you an opportunity to learn about these businesses and how they can make your day perfect.

I'm sitting here thinking about the local folks that helped Kathy and I create the perfect wedding: our caterer (they also did our fabulous wedding cake), our photographer, the limo company and more. It truly was the local folks we hired that made the day for us.

So if you're getting married in or near Warrensburg, check out the people who can help make your day perfect. The wedding walk is free and brides who pre-register will receive a gift. As a bonus, take your man (and yourself) to Heroes or Fitter's for a late lunch and a cocktail when you're done.

For more on Warrensburg's Downtown Wedding Walk click here.

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