Do you love living in Warrensburg? Do you take pride in our small community? If  you do here's your chance to spend some time sprucing up a little part of our town and making it nice not only for visitors and guests, but for your fellow residents. It's the second annual Clean the Burg event put together by Love What's Local.

So what's Clean the Burg? According to Love What's Local:

This two-day event taking place on September 11 and 12 is to encourage community volunteerism and to beautify Warrensburg. Residents, families, community groups, businesses, churches and teenagers who need to perform service hours can come up with projects and implement them during Clean the Burg.

You'll be able to sign up to help Clean the Burg on the Warrensburg Main Street website.

Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce Communications Coordinator and Love What’s Local Committee Member Amanda Flues said through a press release, “It was wonderful to see what community members were doing last year to clean up our city. I think this is a great way for us to come together and show our love for Warrensburg.”

I see so many people giving their time to make my town a nicer place. One example, are the people I see outside every week tending to the flowers at Route 50 and Main Street. At least once a week I see five to seven people out there making sure the flowers and grasses right there are looking their best.

If they can make that commitment all summer. Perhaps we can take a few hours on Friday September 11 or Saturday September 12 to make our town just a little nicer. Find out more about Clean the Burg here.


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