I saw a story from accuweather.com that stated "17-year cicadas to swarm 15 states this spring, summer." So will it just be cicadas that we have to deal with or we still see our fair share of locusts? And while we're being inquisitive, what's the difference between the two?

In a story from animals.mom.com, the difference between the cicada and the locust is explained. In the article the explanation is one that sorts out the confusion.

I always thought they were one in the same but I'm finding out otherwise. The locust is actually a type of grasshopper. The cicada, on the other hand, is a cousin to the cricket. Now they didn't say it was a first or second cousin, or even one that doesn't usually show up at family get-togethers. Nonetheless, there's the difference between the two.

Going back to the article from accuweather.com, it's that time for the 17-year cicada to return. I know, it sounds like something from a B-grade horror flick, but according to a University of Maryland entomologist and bug enthusiast, they are ready to emerge within a couple of months. It was back in 2004 when they last surfaced.

The entomologist and bug enthusiast, Dr. Michael Raupp, says:

In just a couple of months' time, he said, billions if not trillions of singing cicadas will emerge from the ground across a large swath of the eastern United States.

What??? Trillions of the little varmints? that's alot of bugs digging their way up from underground depths of up to 2 feet. So this May and June get ready. Now the map that is showing where they will surface doesn't include Missouri but we're right on the edge of the 17 state where they're expected to appear.

One of the good things comparing the cicada and the locust is it's the locust that can swarm which can be devastating to crops. Now one of the bad things concerning the cicada and locust, the cicada are louder than locusts. So get ready for an upcoming deafening two months.

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