Want to show the world how happy you are the Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champs? Union Station in Kansas City has created just the photo op for you.

Late last night, while many in the Chiefs Kingdom decided to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather by heading to Hibbett Sports in Sedalia and Warrensburg to pick up some Chiefs Super Bowl Championship gear and bask in the glow of victory; a crew from Alpha Lit Marquee Letters KC created a new sign in Union Station's Grand Hall perfect for photo ops.

While events and activities at Union Station have specific operating hours, Union Station itself, is open daily from 6:00AM -12:00 Midnight CST. Being in the Grand Hall, if the building is open, you can head in and grab a picture with the sign. Union Station says there may be a change to their operating hours tomorrow and or Wednesday, and to watch their Facebook page for updates. Additionally the Chiefs sign is still accessible in Grand Plaza.

One of the biggest questions people have is how long will the sign be there. Union Station responded on Facebook they'll post additional information on their Facebook page about that as soon as they can.

I'd say this would be a great opportunity to hop the Amtrak from Sedalia or Warrensburg to Union Station, shoot your selfie, and head back to town. However, I suspect, if you want that photo op you're going to have to que up and wait. And with only an hour between trains, that's probably not going to work very well. I might suggest heading to Union Station in the evening, and perhaps try it late night? Less traffic and easy in and out? That might be what I'd be inclined to do.

If you want more information on Union Station, parking, and other activities going on there please click here.



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