I was today years old when I learned about a pizza hot dog. And I'm intrigued as I like anything that has to do with pizza. And I do enjoy a good Chicago-style hot dog.

I learned about the pizza dog from the Worlds of Fun Facebook page. It seems their Executive Chef Wesley Boston's favorite hot dog is the theme park's pizza dog. Here's his recipe which you can try the next time you visit.

"Chef takes the Eisenberg premium hot dog and covers it with marinara sauce, whole milk mozzarella cheese, some of our own Worlds of Fun Pizza Seasoning served on a fresh daily baked hot dog bun by Kansas City’s own Bagle Works Bread Company."

I wanted to investigate further to see if the pizza dog was a thing or a theme park concoction. Kind of like the deep-fried pizza at the Indiana State Fair, which is really just fried dough with marinara and parmesan cheese. And I have yet to find it at our state fair.

It turns out the pizza dog is a thing. And there's plenty of recipes online. The Food Network has a recipe for something called Cheezy Pizza Hot Dogs. It's a fun concoction the combines pizza dough, a hot dog, and string cheese. Sounds like a good snack for kids, but I think it bears more resemblance to a cheese dog than actually having anything to do with pizza.

Delish has a pizza dog recipe that resembles more of the great meeting of hot dogs and pizza. Their recipe includes hot dogs, pizza sauce, mini pepperonis, and Italian seasoning. Taste of Home's recipe is similar. Most of the recipes seem to include pizza sauce and pepperoni. And there's no shortage of recipes when you search pizza dog on Google.

It's definitely something I'm going to try, think it might turn out well in an air fryer?

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