Worlds Of Fun Amusement Park in Kansas City just made a huge announcement today.  If you have been there before, you may be familiar with the popular roller coaster known as the Zambezi Zinger.  If you have ridden this coaster in the past, you will love this news:

It Is Coming Back!

The park will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023 and they have announced that the nearly 2,500-foot-long metal and wood coaster will return to the Africa region of the park.  It will be new and improved.  According to their website:

As guests travel through Africa, south of the Serengeti, they arrive at a smalltime safari company offering exciting tours to adventurers and thrill seekers who have traveled from near and far to experience the Zinger. 

Zambezi Adventure Safaris went out of business just before the turn of the century when the Zinger was thought to have gone extinct. They recently reopened their doors after new evidence suggested the Zinger had returned to the area.

The company now takes guests on thrilling excursions to explore these famously hallowed woodlands so travelers may once again experience the legend of the Zinger!

Courtesy of the Worlds Of Fun Facebook page, they shared this video below.

Worlds of Fun opened in 1973. The Zambezi Zinger was one of the original rides when Riders sat in toboggan-style seating and reached a maximum height of 57 feet. The new edition of the ride will stand 74 feet tall, but still go through the trees and terrain of the African Serengeti like the original.

Now many of you know that Worlds Of Fun has so much to offer.  You can start checking out their Safari Tours.

You can get more information on the park by clicking HERE including securing your Gold Pass for 2023.  200 acres of fun.  50 years in business.  Make your plans for 2023.  I suspect they will pull out all the stops.

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