Happy Friday! We are only 9 days away from Halloween.  Kids are still deciding on what costume to wear to go Trick - Or - Treating.  Parents are stocking up on candy.  There is the Haunted Hayride tomorrow in Sedalia, get more detail HERE, and I just watched the new Halloween film.

We still have Thanksgiving to look forward to, and quality time with the family, or helping others.  That holiday doesn't get enough love.  But a fair amount of people, seem to want to get to the Christmas season earlier and earlier.


As you can see from the picture above, the Hallmark channel is getting into the Christmas spirit starting today.  Now to be clear, I love Christmas as much as the next person.  And a Hallmark Christmas movie can be heart warming.  But can we enjoy the major holidays before them first?

I understand this year could be unique, in that people may have to begin the Christmas shopping earlier to ensure the gifts arrive on time for Christmas day.  Many retail stores have Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations up, as well as Christmas trees! I was in Lowes on Broadway the other day and I could not figure out what holiday they deemed most important.

In my radio career I worked for a station that was the Christmas station.  When we went to our Christmas music, I enjoyed it.  But my vote would be to not hear it until the day after Thanksgiving.  And if we went too early, the listeners were only too happy to call in and tell us that it was too early.  As an aside, radio research does show ratings go UP when Christmas music plays.

I want to enjoy Halloween in all its scary glory and enjoy Thanksgiving first before the Christmas season gets here. Who is with me?

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