It's moving from Spring into Summer, and if there's any indication that the people of Sedalia are ready for change, it's the smell of charcoal in the air.

Everyone has their favorite thing to bring to a barbecue - and everyone has their favorite thing to make at a barbecue. I like to have burgers, brats and chicken, with plenty of potato salad and regular salad, maybe some nice corn on the cob grilled up, and you can't have a cookout with some kind of cola.

But, I'm sure we've all been to "that" barbeque. You know, the one where they were kind of just lazy? You can see the ribs were bought precooked from the grocery store, so now they're burned. The chicken is from the bucket, the baked beans were literally still in the can, and for some reason they made coffee instead of giving you a cold soda. The only other side dish were seven bags of one flavor of chips. No french onion dip? Those Animals!

The music? Did they turn on the radio or pop on a music playlist? Nope. Nothing but the "Greatest Hits of Heart" on repeat from that tiny little alarm clock boombox that runs the batteries out after three hours. There's only so many times you can sit on someone's somewhat uncomfortable bench on an 87 degree day and listen to "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You." Nobody wants that.

So what do you want from a barbeque? What are your favorite things to bring/make? What do you always avoid when someone has it at their cookout?

Also, if you're too lazy to cook, you can check out the Lamonte Baptist Church's Community Barbeque coming up. Just check our events calendar for all the details!

Smokily yours,