CareerBuilder asked close to 2,200 hiring managers if they’ve ever spotted a lie on a resume and 58 percent said yes, indeed they had. The problem has apparently gotten worse since the recession ended with jobs still relatively scarce as three in ten managers admit the incidence of lying has increased.Once a resume fabrication has been caught, half of the managers say it would automatically disqualify the applicant while 40 percent said their decision would be based on how serious the lie was.   About seven percent conceded that they would hire someone anyway if they liked them.  As for the types of lies they see, embellishments of skills sets and responsibilities are numbers one and two, followed by lies about dates of employment, job titles, academic degrees and previous job experience.

Applicants who lie on resumes do so most often when they’re looking for work in the financial services industry. Rounding out the top five are leisure and hospitality; information technology; health care; and retail.  So, that leads me to my latest question in our Enquiring Minds surveys: have you ever lied on your resume?  Was it a big stretch or just a white lie?  Did it work?  Did you get found out? Tell me all about it and we'll share your answers on the air!

Truthfully yours,

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