According to a new study, dudes start turning into their dad at age 38.  It seems like women worry about turning into their mothers more than guys worry about turning into their dad, so let's even that out.  The top signs are:

  • Falling asleep in the living room
  • Having a specific chair that's only for you
  • Your dancing becomes awkward
  • You spend more time in the shed
  • You tell bad jokes

While I do see a lot of those signs in myself and boyfriendo, I'd like to think we're different from our parents. I do catch myself from time to time saying stuff that my mom would say. Like it or not, we all had parents and they shaped us into the adults we are today.  What do you catch yourself doing or saying that reminds you of your folks the most?

Tell me what you see in yourself and we'll share the answers on the show! You can comment here, or you can do it on Facebook, or give me a call at 826-9210. Of course, you can also click the button to earn points for your answer, which you can use to win a new Harley.

If You Make that Face It'll Stay That Way,