When you were a kid, you had secrets you were sure your parents didn't know... but there were definitely a few they knew. And now that you have kids, the exact same thing is going on.

For me, I was quite sure that my parents didn't know about my school crushes. Years later, I found out that my mom had talked to the mom of my crush and found out that he didn't like me. She didn't say anything, and I'm kind of glad she didn't. I would have been mortified!

I mean, jeeeeeeez.  I bet they thought it was cute.

I also remember that when we were kids, my sister tried to wear different clothes to school than she'd leave home wearing. My parents knew, but they figured if she went to that much trouble for a different pair of jeans (nothing inappropriate, just a different brand), then why bother?

I think also I tried to hide other stuff over the years, but by high school I didn't have much. I wasn't a kid to go out and party on the weekend. I was the "go to church three times a week and feel bad about it" kid.

What's something your kids don't realize you know about them? A few of the best stories I've heard are a mom who knows her 13-year-old daughter is putting well-written but steamy One Direction fan fiction on the Internet. Please, do not confront your child on that. Just.. let it be. It's better for the both of you.

Anyway, so let me know a few things that you've found out about your kids, or if you don't have kids, tell me a story about a time your parents knew what was up... but you were convinced you had it hidden.

Did you sneak somebody over? Did you borrow the car? Did you skip class? Tell us all about it!