Kidaballo was this past weekend, and boy oh boy did we have a time. 

The day started for most of us about 10:00 a.m.  We got there to help vendors set up and to get our ticket booth/giveaways ready, as well as our banners up.

There were also some errands to run, little things you forget every time because it's just a rush of activity.  I think I ended up running out about three times.  And one time, I nearly hit a boat trailer! Hear me out, though, it was an accident, a near miss.  A dude turned left on South 65 and when he did, his trailer hitch literally snapped off, sending his boat trailer into the road.  I avoided it and it was fine.  It was scary, though!  The rest of the day was mainly incident free, apart from a cow interaction.

Before everything starts, Ship Shape has to come in and plot out what's going where.

They have to account for space and safety, you get it.  The inflatables are surprisingly loud, too. We had the radio on, but you couldn't hear it.

Meagan and I set up the intro table, so you could get your admission, t-shirt, etc.

And people got there early!  Some people brought lawn chairs and stuff and tailgated.


Looks a lot different than the big slide you saw Saturday, huh.

Yep, those stuffed animals start as just a few bags of bunting.

Okay, okay, okay.  So I'm not a photographer.  But the vendors were all there early to unpack and set everything up just right.

I went over to the petting zoo as they were getting set up!

That's where I met this guy.  Who bit my jeans and wouldn't let go for a solid thirty seconds.  Apparently he did that to someone's shirt, so it wasn't just me.

Eventually, things started to come together.

Then, it was time for the fun!

I couldn't take too many photos during the event because I had to watch one of the inflatables to make sure kids didn't crack each other's skulls.

But overall, fun, a couple of scares, a few tantrums, but mostly just a lot of fun.  What did you think of Kidabaloo this year?  Did you kids enjoy it?

Funningly yours,