[Update] The Henry County Sheriff's Office says that the man reported hitchhiking on MO-Hwy 52 near Montrose was not Micahel J. Osobrne.

[Original story] A 33-year old Joplin man is wanted for homicide.

The Henry County Sheriff's Department has received three unconfirmed sightings of 33-year old Michael J. Osborne, walking along MO-Hwy 52, in the Montrose area, around 4:00 Sunday afternoon (Jan 13).

The last possible sighting was approximately three miles east of Montrose, with the male subject walking eastbound on MO-Hwy 52, toward Deepwater or MO-Hwy 13 South, attempting to hitchhike.

Partial clothing description of what the subject was wearing was a gray or bluish / black hoodie, brown duck bibs, and was carrying a duffle bag with orange on it.

Osborne is considered armed and dangerous. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts or have had contact with him within the last 24 hours, contact Henry County Central Communications at 660-885-5587. If you see Osborne in the area, do not approach him. Call 911 immediately to report his location.

Henry County Sheriff's Dept
Henry County Sheriff's Dept

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