As we well know Missouri has it's own brand of weather. One night we can see the temperature dip to -11 degrees and a week later we can see highs reaching the low 60's. (That's exactly what's happening in our area)

Snowfall is another thing. We can go some winters and receive nary a snowflake or two and some winters will find us tracking how many miles we've put on our snow shovel as Mother Nature laughs under her frosty breath.

I ran across an article that said one thing we shouldn't do with our windshield wipers when we have snow and/or ice in the forecast. Now I've seen plenty of people do this to their vehicles. I never have. Some have developed certain habits concerning our vehicles during winter weather. Whether they're actually good or not may be another thing. I guess this is one habit that may need to be stopped.

According to a reference in the Reader's Digest, the author of a story-Elizabeth Yuko- claims that putting our windshield wipers up during impending winter weather is not a wise choice. In the article it goes on to say that just because we think that putting them up in the air away from the windshield might be a good idea, it really isn't.

According to the article from

When the arms are stored up, they’re now subject to wind and forces they were not designed for. Now, they’re at risk of damaging the gearing, which is often made of shockingly brittle plastic.

So the next time there's snow and/or ice in the forecast, you may want to keep those windshield wipers down unless you got the advice on keeping the windshield wipers up came from good ol' Dad. Then it's okay! <wink> <wink>

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