I don't know about you guys, but I love trying new things. Whether it's just something I've haven't tried before or something crazy exotic, there's always a little thrill there for me.Of course, that only applies to smaller things. I'm not going to try out tax fraud to get a thrill.  Don't expect me to be driving in a blizzard at two a.m. just for the lulz.  No, I'm talking about  more at home, simple things. Things that aren't about to get me killed, maimed, or unnecessarily embarrassed.

So I had decided that this past weekend, the weather was just going to be too gross for me to want to go out.  So I stocked up on groceries, got in my comfy jammies and hoodie and hunkered in.  Snow, cold, and wind are the kind of conditions that make me want to AVOID being outside at all costs.

Since I was in, I did a little cleaning.  Finally scrubbed the bathroom floor.  Did some vacuuming. Took out the trash. Wiped down some cabinets in the kitchen.  Then... my curiosity got to the best of me.  You know how sometimes you  have stuff in a closet or in the attic or even in your kitchen, and you just forget they're there?  That's what happened here this weekend.  Come with  me, will you... on a journey.... of SMOOTHIES.

Kitchen Discoveries


When was the last thing you found in your house that you forgot you had?  Did you end up using it?

More importantly, should I do the cherry/strawberry smoothie next weekend? Do you vote Strawberry or Peach  Milkis?

Smoothily yours,


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